First time home buyer (writing about our pre-qualification process)

Oh wow that was fast!!! This is great news and the best way to start my weekend. I need to call Shreya and thank her for connecting me with you guys. She was right about you being so helpful and incredible with first time home buyers. A scary process made seamless and manageable :) Let the hunt begin!!

Jason & Family

First time home buyers

Our buying process started a couple years ago. As we moved forward, the MOXY team helped get me pre-qualified at various levels, and continued to update my status. When the real estate agent I was working with told me I was better off waiting until my salary increased significantly, they immediately put me in touch with another agent, who bent over backwards to make sure we were satisfied.

Throughout the process, MOXY Mortgage has been diligent, transparent, patient, and communicative. Although I am familiar with real estate, this was my first purchase in the U.S., and they were very helpful in walking me through all the pieces along the way. They were always accessible and quick to answer any questions I had. They were able to secure a great rate locked in for 30 years, and I will use them to refinance as soon as I can. I fully trust Mona and her team, and know that I would not be a homeowner right now if it were not for them.  

Devin & Heather

First Time HOME Buyers (and a refinance!)

The MOXY team made themselves available to us at all times, and helped shepherd us through the biggest purchase of our life. Their proactive communication, care and integrity was, from what we have heard from others, unmatched. Quite frankly, this is one of the best customer service experiences of my life.

Monica & Lisa

first time HOME buyers

Mona, Makael, and their whole team were absolutely amazing during our entire loan process. Our loan was definitely not ideal and they went above and beyond to make things work out for us. They truly look out for the best interest of their clients. I highly recommend them to anyone.


first time HOME buyer

My experience with the MOXY Mortgage team was wonderful. I am a first time home buyer and found them to be very attentive, and they took the time to answer all of my questions.  The process of buying a house can be a bit intimating and overwhelming, I was very impressed with their level of professionalism and the speed at which they were able to get information turned around.  Thanks, MOXY Mortgage team!!!



I have been repeatedly astounded at the amazing level of quality, thoughtful service provided by Makael, Mona and their entire team at MOXY Mortgage. They've brought a sense of assurance and deep expertise to every interaction I've had with them. They are incredibly knowledgeable, spotting potential red flags and issues to be addresses with plenty of time to find solutions. I've been delighted by how they continue to work for my best interests behind the scenes. Because of their rich experience and their patient communication style, they helped transform the financing process from a headache to a happy adventure.



new Purchase                                       

I was really unsure about buying a home after all of the housing "crash" reports I had heard about on the news, but Makael and the MOXY team walked me (sometimes holding my hand) through every step of the process. They were on the spot with everything I needed, and I was surprised by how easy it was. Last week I signed papers and picked up the keys to my new house! I am so excited about this new step in my life, and will be telling all of my friends what a great and painless experience this has been. THANK YOU, MOXY Mortgage!!!



We had been trying to figure out how to refinance our house for the last couple years and had almost given up, but Mona was steadfast and determined to find a solution. In the end our process had a lot of unusual challenges that Mona and her team helped us to face and handle for a successful outcome. 

I now recommend her to all my friends. She is honest, committed, and also just a wonderful, heartfelt person!


First Time home Buyer 

Mona and the MOXY Mortgage team are basically the only reason I have a house now. I'd talked to a few mortgage brokers, but they kept dragging their feet, and finally told me there was no way I'd qualify because of my job situation (two part time jobs, at the time), or that I'd need a HUGE down-payment to afford something in an area far from my preferences.

Mona's team wasn't as fast to tell me that it was hopeless. They started putting my application packet together very carefully, and held my hand through the process of income verification, student loan entanglements, confusion over my newly single status (my husband had passed away the year before). My situation was pretty complicated. It was like a puzzle to put it all together in a way that worked, but they finally were able to qualify me for exactly the amount I needed to buy my little house in Renton.

Through the process, Mona and Makael were available to calm me down and reassure me, by text, email, or phone--whatever I needed. They worked very closely with my agent, too--to make sure I had the letters and paperwork I needed to place the offer, even coming through at the last minute with an increase to my qualified amount so I could put an offer on the little house I fell in love with.

I think that on signing day, Mona was almost as excited as I was! We celebrated with fancy drinks. 

I've recommended MOXY to several friends and will continue to do so. I'll also definitely use them for refinancing in the future, and if I purchase another home.

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