The MOXY Mortgage team believes that education can be fun! Choose any of the below selections to play with us. Let's find out what you know and where you stand!

Games and Quizzes

Are you ready to buy your first house?

Home is where you come to relax, surrounding yourself with your own things, exactly as you like them. Are you ready to buy your first home? Let's find out!

Which loan type may be best for you?

Ready to buy your own home? Excellent! Unless you have a LOT of cash handy, you'll probably want to take out a home loan.  Let's find out which loan type might be a good fit for you...

Proprietary Loan Tutorials

Home Buyer Tutorial

This 45-minute course will bring you clarity and peace of mind as we discuss the following:

  • The Language of Loans (what it all means)
  • The Parts of the Process (how it happens)
  • The Roles of Your Team (who does what)
  • How NOT to Mess Up Your Own Loan!

Understanding Income & Assets

Learning about Income and Assets before your loan begins will help you avoid costly mistakes and frustrations down the road!

This short course is highly recommended for all of our borrowers.